It is my passion in life to create beauty and make people feel good. And they can in turn explore their own creativity and personality through fashion and photography. To create a beautiful moment in time and capture an image that will last forevermore. As an inspired New York City photo stylist I have always drawn on my passion and inspiration to create and ignite excitement.

Dawn Notaro Headshot 

My visuals express my client’s story in the most persuasive and rewarding ways. My body of work includes print advertising, fashion editorial, television, sets, props, events, fashion shows, personal photo sessions, custom design, closet transformation, personal shopping and style consultations. My expertise in the commercial industry include clients such as Estee Lauder, Marie Claire, Avon, Smirnoff Ice, Fashion Terminal, Robitussin, Kodak, Billboard Magazine and countless clients who seek style consultations and/or personal shopping. 

As a successful photo stylist I work with elite teams of professionals. In real life with my family and communities I see the void. A person who wants to stand out, whether it’s on the red carpet or at their high school prom, but doesn’t have the accessibly or funds to create their “look” and settles for mediocrity. I thought, its time to make that available and so Dawn of New York was born!

 Living in NYC I stay on the pulse of fashion. I am able to keep my consumers informed with the latest products and trends. I shop, design and/or alter for your special occasion. I offer expert advice on what to wear or how to wear it. 

From Beach to Ballroom and everything in between, I will accommodate your taste and budget with experience, expertise and unequaled personal service. I like to pride myself on the fact that Dawn of New York is driven by the quality, fit and unique nature of its product. Offering styles that show off interesting patterns, unusual embellishments, innovative trimmings and sassy details. An impressive mix of carefully selected designer labels to urban wear and everything in between.

I create a unique style for each of my clients making you feel comfortable and confidant in the chosen look or display. The result is insightful work that captures attention, radiates emotion and ultimately tells your “style story”.

Want to be a model for the day? I will provide your best look regardless of your, age, size or occasion. I will custom shop/style to fit your body. Have an idea, a favorite picture, sketch, magazine tear... I will make your fashion fantasy a reality.

I have shared my personal styling expertise with countless clients who seek wardrobe consultations or simply do not have the time or inspiration to shop for themselves. Experienced in the commercial fashion industry, I am able to create a unique style for each of my clients. Insuring a proper fit, and a comprehensive understanding of your lifestyle and fashion needs. I help each person define their own signature style.


"Style can reflect all the positive aspects of whom you truly are through how you dress and present yourself. When your outside reflects your inside - you feel at ease, confidence increases and it’s truly incredible how others will pick up on that..." dawn notaro